Features Of Delegation Of Authority

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Delegation of authority possesses the following features:

1. No Delegation Of  Total Authority
A manager cannot delegate his/her total authority to the subordinates.He/she can delegate only a portion of it. A supervisor's status would be affected if he/she delegates total authority to the subordinates. It is not possible and is also not allowed by the management concept.

2. Delegation Of Only That Authority That A Manager Has
A manager cannot delegate the authority to a subordinate which he himself does not possess.It means that no one can give what he has not got. This feature is based on legality.

3. Representation Of The Superior
Delegation of authority to subordinates represents the superior in the subject matter which is delegated to him. In such a case, a subordinate is supposed to behave and act in the same manner in which the superior would have behaved and acted.

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4. Delegation For Organizational Purpose
A superior delegates his authority to a subordinates only for organizational purposes.He cannot delegate the authority to fulfill his personal objectives.

5. Restoration Of Delegated Authority
Authority once delegated may be enhanced or reduced on the basis of nature of duties and its effectiveness. It may be completely withdrawn in case of ineffectiveness and termination of subordinates from the organization. Therefore, a manager does not permanently delegate his authority.

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6. Balance Of Authority And Responsibility
A manager has to delegate authority to the subordinates on the basis of weight of responsibility to him. The assignment of responsibility to a subordinate without proper authority becomes worthless because that subordinate cannot perform the functions independently and efficiently.

7. No Delegation Of Responsibility
A manager can delegate authority to his subordinates in accordance with assigned responsibility, but the final responsibility, however,lies on him.He cannot escape from his responsibilities.

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