Advantages Of Decentralization

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Decentralization has the following advantages:

1. Decentralization Facilitates Managers' Development
In decentralization, appropriate responsibility and authority is delegated to subordinate level managers. It gives them an opportunity to hone their skills and efficiency so as to get promotions. Therefore, decentralization creates the reserve of talency.

2. Relief To Top Managers
In decentralization, most of the routine managerial responsibilities are delegated to middle and lower level managers. It minimizes the excessive workload of the top managers. It gives sufficient time to the top managers to concentrate on non-programed decisions like planning, policy making, strategy formulation etc.

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3. Effective Control
In decentralization, it is convenient to set standards of performance. This helps to compare actual performance with standard performance more quickly. This helps in taking prompt decisions to correct deviations. This leads to maintaining effective control.

4. Possibility Of Better Decision
Decentralization delegates the decision making authority to the managers nearest to the level of operation. The managers working nearest to the operation are in a better position to understand the complexity of problems. This helps in taking a better decision to solve the problems.

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5. Decentralization Facilitates Diversification
The addition of new product lines or expansion of existing lines of business develops complexity in an organization. This also develops a challenge to the top management. The top managers can meet such challenges by delegating authority to their subordinates. Top managers can only play the role of coordinators.

6. High Morale And Motivation
Decentralization is highly motivational as it gives the subordinates the freedom to act and take decisions. This develops among the subordinates a feeling of status and recognition and ultimately a feeling of dedication and commitment. This helps in maintaining high motivation and morale of subordinates.

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